Rental Warehouse

The need for flexible and salable warehouse solutions is growing as supply chain operators try to meet rising industry challenges and consumer demands. Coupled with the talent shortage, these challenges can result in product loss or damage, lack of visibility, and increasing operating costs.

Whether it is finding the perfect location and building a distribution center from the ground up or managing an existing facility, our solutions include designing a layout and implementing processes, equipment, and visibility tools to help you improve efficiency and customer service levels. We also hire and train personnel, which can include your current warehouse employees who know your business best, to ensure that your goods flow smoothly and inventory arrives when and where it is needed, in the exact quantity needed.

Our team of professional property owners, which we call Rent Estate Advisors, can take care of everything you need when renting out your investment properties or when renting in. On average, we find quality tenants or property owners in a matter of weeks and with our placement guarantee, we offer peace of mind that if your renters default for any reason, we will provide additional tenant placement services for a nominal fee.

Renters Warehouse Services Include

  • tax and licensing paperwork
  • optional protection packages
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • maintenance coordination
  • inspections
  • and more